Rollin Vintage jewellery is inspired by the love of unique and vintage designs found in antique cutlery.

We aspire to translate these special treasures into beautiful pieces of jewellery that you can wear and appreciate every day, instead of it lying in a dusty drawer somewhere. Our goal is to bring you quality craftmanship that will inspire  you to bring all Granny's cutlery to be made into jewellery by us. Cause a silver spoon belongs on a finger not in a cup, well at least that's how we feel about it.

Our vision is to keep on pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to the fusion of old into new, vintage inspiration into contemporary design. We love that our jewellery is sustainable and strive to 
have no waste involved. Every piece is recycled, or should i say upcycled into something new and beautiful. 

Above all we love to have fun, live life to the full and learn as we grow. Our hope is that our jewellery reflects this. We are the Rollin’s...


Ryan & Liesa Rollin

074 507 7558 / 071 360 4255

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